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Great Urban Race

Then came a crucial moment: the second scavenger-hunt clue was to either 1) get a $500 bill from Monopoly, or 2) get a picture of ten people within arms-reach of an ad for Grand Theft Auto IV. Chris knew of a toy store about a half-block off our path; I rushed in and was able to buy a pack of Monopoly money. (The GTA IV ads were all over the place, but we judged that getting 10 people to pose simultaneously would prove hard – the $500 bill ended up taking about 3 minutes and costing $4.32.)

This “The Game” stuff sounds like fun. Kind of like King’s Quest (a Role Playing Adventure computer game), but in real life. I wonder why I had no inkling this stuff existed when I was in the Bay Area… Probably because I am not geeky enough 🙂

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The Positive Energy of Erik Stuart

Erik Stuart – wonderful friend and former colleague, logic personified, and master (or to be more exact, doctor) of all things economics – is blogging!

Erik is one of those rare guys with whom you can have an incredible discussion on any topic. He’s articulate, thoughtful and extremely insightful. He has the added advantage of being able to take complicated concepts (whether in economics or physics and the like) and explain them in really simple terms. I truly loved working with him and am very excited that he’s started blogging.

You *must* read his blog.

And I just love, love, love his blog’s name.

Welcome, Erik! Oh, and I am still waiting to hear more about The Game.