Great Urban Race

Then came a crucial moment: the second scavenger-hunt clue was to either 1) get a $500 bill from Monopoly, or 2) get a picture of ten people within arms-reach of an ad for Grand Theft Auto IV. Chris knew of a toy store about a half-block off our path; I rushed in and was able to buy a pack of Monopoly money. (The GTA IV ads were all over the place, but we judged that getting 10 people to pose simultaneously would prove hard – the $500 bill ended up taking about 3 minutes and costing $4.32.)

This “The Game” stuff sounds like fun. Kind of like King’s Quest (a Role Playing Adventure computer game), but in real life. I wonder why I had no inkling this stuff existed when I was in the Bay Area… Probably because I am not geeky enough 🙂

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