I spent all day watching India lose to Bangladesh. Bangladesh! Wow!

Sure, Bangladesh is the best of the rest (best of the teams outside of the top eight), but what a pathetic showing by India! I have to say that this goes to the arrogance of Dravid and the rest of the team. Nothing more than that – they all played pathetically. No effort in any department, they just meandered around.

And to Dravid – come on, dude! There is a limit to confidence and loyalty. You are single handedly jeopardizing India’s chances by supporting a player like Sehwag, who, with another pathetic performance with the bat has crippled India’s batting performance. The team and the team’s winning is more important than one individual. Time to realize that.

Hats off to Bangladesh. They came to the party ready and did a great job.

Now, given how things play out, India may not even make it to the 2nd round of the tournament. Every match is must-win from this point. Go big or go home, guys. I, for one, am pretty disgusted.

UPDATE: In other news, Pakistan lost to Ireland. If there could have been a more pathetic display than India’s Pakistan put their hands up and grabbed that title. Pakistan is pretty much out of the World Cup.

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  1. Venugopal says:

    Dravid doesn’t single-handedly do anything to ruin India’s chances. This is a team effort and I don’t see India’s supposed “savior” Sachin doing anything to help. I agree Sehwag needs to clean up his act, but really, Sachin needs to go. He’s out of form and out of his game.

    Dravid has, at the least, been an excellent captain for India. Can’t say the same for Sachin. He performed terribly when he was Captain, and everyone said, Oh The pressure is too much. But what do they say now? He doesn’t do one single thing to warrant his spot in the team.

    Pathetic is right!

  2. Prithvi says:

    I realise this has been a pathetic display – Maybe this defeat is what the team needs to get them in a victory-focussed zen state and we will all laugh about it when they have won the World cup? That was me being hopeful. This is my mother’s analysis – the team needs youngsters rather than fuddy-duddies who have the confidence of being in a few more World Cups and will take more risks since she thinks it was the cautious reining in of talents and efforts that lost this match and is back to helping them the old-fashioned way – praying!

  3. Shripriya says:

    @ Venugopal – I actually believe that for the most part, Dravid is a good captain (there are other posts on this blog where I have defended his record, actually). And sure, it is a team sport, but I will always hold the leader accountable. And a good leader will *want* to be held accountable.

    This is not about Sachin vs. Sehwag vs. Dravid. The fact remains the captain is backing a failing horse. Could it work in the long-run? Sure. But we don’t have the time to find out, do we? And re: Sachin, yes, he’s not at his prime, but if you look at the string of scores he’s put up in the recent past, they are far more creditable than the shambles who opens the innings. And for continuing this failed experiment, I must hold the leader accountable.

    That said, I think everyone did an all-round pathetic job.

    @ Prithvi – entirely possible 🙂 and really that’s the only positive way to look at this. I do agree with your mother that over-cautiousness was a big problem in this match. That said, we should all be hoping that Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka and win the group outright. That way, the India-Sri Lanka match becomes a straight fight for a Super 8 spot instead of having a weird three-way tie where run rates and differentials come into play.

  4. Abi says:

    During this World Cup, living in India is wonderful if you can stay off TV during the off-game hours. The games are all so late in the day, you don’t bother to stay up. The newspaper reports the following day are all broken up, because they can’t wait till the game is over to publish the final result, dampening the interest further. A couple more ‘performances’ like the one against Bangladesh may even help us get over our fascination for a bunch of serious — and seriously pampered — underachievers.

  5. Venugopal says:

    Re: Sachin, We can’t always live in the past and use that as a defense mechanism for present poor perfromance. Yes, he was incredibly superb in the past, but recently (and by that I mean atleast a few YEARS), his record is abominable. He is not the star and cannot be treated to a life of such. Let him go do his endless advertisements and make money, but let us get another star for the Indian team. We dont care any more about your various injuries and why you’re not in form.
    I will always defend Dravid. A captain is in-charge of the whole team and is not responsible for every single individual’s bad days. He has led India to many many successes and will continue to do so. If we win the next few matches, everyone will think he’s a hero and has led India to victory. He cannot be judged on ONE SINGLE MATCH. Ridiculous.
    And as a player, Sehwag has performed well in the past. Is it time to get fresh blood in and kick Sehwag out? Maybe but now isn’t the time to test that either.

  6. Shripriya says:

    @ Abi – love the term “seriously pampered underachievers”. Fourth Umpire, another reader of this blog, has the same sentiment towards this team – that they have always been mediocre and it is us that builds them up into something they are not.

    @ Venugopal – You’re mixing facts here. I said “recent past”, not “past”. Recent past indicates form, past is history.

    Feel free to “always” defend Dravid – if he fails or if he succeeds. We are clearly on opposite ends of the spectrum – I believe accountability is important and I will hold him accountable. I am not judging him on a single match, I am judging him on his “judgment” – his ability to pick horses for courses. He’s failing in that department and I think that should be called out.

    I find it amazing that people get so whipped into a frenzy when “their players” are held accountable. I don’t think Dravid is a horrible person or a bad captain. Quite the contrary. But he is making a mistake now. His feet should be held to the fire – not fired, not let go, but held accountable. That is basic. I’m sure he himself would want that (all great leaders do).

    I actually do not have any personal favorites on this team – I hope they all do well. Hopefully better than what how are performing right now.

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