TATVAM is born

Tatvam LogoToday, Tatvam Productions was born online.

Tatvam means reality or inner truth in Sanskrit. Tatvam Productions tells stories that reach for the truth, share the reality and communicate the inner meaning.

Tatvam will be my professional blog where I blog about the entertainment world. This blog will continue to host my random musings.

Getting Tatvam live was a team effort.

  • The name Tatvam was conceived by my Grandmother (the tech savvy one) and my Mother.
  • The cool logo was created by Kathleen Ko and I got lots of input on which one to choose from my husband, brother and sister.
  • The completely, fabulously, mind-blowingly cool site was designed by George Liang.

And all in record time.

May Tatvam be with you!