Cool desi meme: Ready, Steady, Charity

I stumbled upon this cool meme. I wasn’t “invited” to the meme by anyone since I don’t know any of the bloggers, but it was so cool that I decided to participate (is that kosher?)

Gaurav proposed three words — Mahmood, Chardonnay and Musharraf. He proposed that not only do you come up with a story, but do so in 55 words. Interesting!

Here’s my take:

Fucking Effing Musharraf was on Jon Stuart. Dictatorial comedy. Made me smile nonetheless. Not quite a smooth pinot noir, but maybe a perky chardonnay instead. Reminded me of the best of Mahmood. Wit, charm, convenient memory, lies. The worst of Mahmood. Crawling into bed alone, I wished he were here. Rememories surface at most inopportune times.

The goal of this meme is to give to ProjectWhy. Please do.