A Taste

These are a curated set of posts that share a little bit about what I care about and think about. Or, you can peruse the full blog in reverse chron

Misinterpreting Mission
Mission and the core business model have to be woven together. The company, by performing its core function, should take you towards your mission.

55 Questions for Mission-Driven Co-Founders
A list of questions you can work through with a co-founder to figure out if you are suited to start a company together.

Who Are You?
Instead of letting successes and failures define you, define yourself according to something no one can take away.

What to Think About When Designing a Profile Page for Your Users
A profile page can be critical to network effects. Many of the things you need to think through for your company.

We Need a New Resume
As people do shorter stints at companies, how do we capture great work and value created?

Seek the Challengers
Challengers are the people who push organizations to be better. That’s one of the reasons you should hire them.

Being Messy
Every startup creator needs that messy time. Yes, at the start, but perhaps again after a few years, to reinvigorate.

Being Wrong
We will all be wrong sometimes. It’s just how we get to being right.

Zoomed in vs Zoomed out
Just read the post. It’s very short.