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Ofer Wolberger

If you are interested in photography, add the PhotoShelter blog to your feed reader and to your must-read list.

But first, let’s talk a bit about PhotoShelter1. If you are a serious amateur or a professional, this has to be a service that you get very excited about.

PhotoShelter has two parts to it. The Personal Archive is where a photographer can manager her photos and her business. Incredible amounts of storage to upload and back up every picture you’ve ever taken, watermarking, rights management, ecommerce modules,  download protection, lightboxes and other powerful tools to manage your images.

And a few months ago, they launched the PhotoShelter Collection – a marketplace for images where the photographer can set the price. The PhotoShelter Collection has the capability to fundamentally change the market for stock photography by giving power and importance back to the photographer.

To be able to find and buy great stock images, a photographer has to be able to make money. Enough money to earn a livelihood, put food on the table, pay rent, and continue to take great photographs. Pricing stock photos at a dollar is just plain silly. A great photo is worth more than that and if you want continued access to such wonderful images, you understand that. That’s why the Collection is an effective and, very importantly, sustainable source for buyers to find unique images.

Last week, PhotoShelter started blogging2 and I love it. The blog talks about emerging trends, what buyers are looking for, contests and features some incredible photographers.

It is on my daily read list. And if you love photography, it should be on yours.

  1. Full Disclosure: I am on the board of PhotoShelter 

  2. There’s always been a corporate blog to interact with the community, share upcoming changes etc.