Graphing Social Patterns

Graphing Social Patterns – East

In the past couple of years, Social Networks have changed online behavior. If you want to dig deeper into Social Networks, Social graphs, games, apps and all the other buzz words doing the rounds these days, the Graphing Social Patters conference in Washington DC is the one to go to.

If I was more mobile, I’d schlep out there from June 9th through the 11th.

Besides the speaker list and all the panels, another thing that makes this conference much more interesting is Mr. Facebook himself, my buddy and the Program Chair, Dave McClure 🙂

Dave wanted me to let you know that –

If you are a starving geek, you can get a 30% off discount by using the following reg code: gspe08fgd

And if you’ve built an app & want to enter the AppNite demo contest, you can get a 50% off discount by entering your app here.

Good luck, Dave – I am sure it will be awesome.