N.E.D. – The Rocking Docs

One of the wonderful benefits of blogging is the serendipitous contacts. I’ve written about cancer on this blog only twice, but because of those posts, someone wrote and asked if I would talk about a unique band. And while I’m very late, here it is.

N.E.D. is a band comprised of six board certified Gynecologic Oncologists who’ve come together to put out a really cool CD. What impresses me about these specialized doctors is that in addition to their day jobs, they have taken the effort to put out a CD where all sales goes to fund research at the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. In addition, one of the doctors, Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth, recently released a book called Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing.

The music is really wonderful – these are professional musicians and look the part.


I’ve bought the CD and I encourage you to the same. Great music and a good cause – a perfect mix.

And I absolutely love the name! N.E.D stands for No Evidence of Disease. The best words a cancer patient can hear.