Standing and driving

I’m bought into the whole standing and working thing. I don’t do it enough, but sitting hurts my back and I feel better when I stand.

While this is starting to be a fixable problem in the work environment, one place where there is no alternative is the car (or any kind of transport). Why can’t we stand and drive?


Or how about seats like this where you are sit-standing? Even this, would be a huge improvement over the one option we have today.


Cars would get taller, yes. That’s bad for aerodynamics, so the designs would have to change around them.

The only other alternative is where you are almost reclining, like a race car driver – but I’m not sure people want to crawl into their cars.

I hope someone in the car industry is thinking about this as they rework most of the other things about how cars and transportation work.

*Image of standing driver made in Paper by FiftyThree
*Sit-stand seat is the Focal Seat