New York is not an alley

This image is just brilliant.

It is from Fred Wilson’s Web 2.0 Expo talk. Created by Gyroxide.

Having lived in Silicon Valley, I concur wholeheartedly. We need a better term. One of the greatest cities in the world is not an “alley” – not in the context of the tech world or in any other dimension.

It is now my desktop background.

3 thoughts on “New York is not an alley”

  1. Kiran says:

    Wow, great image! Agreed on the bit about “alley”…

  2. Krishna says:

    It is a wonderful image.

    But maybe it should say NYC is a giant black hole for the average American taxpayer.

    With LTCM (ok Connecticut, but really NY), Bear Stearns, AIG, etc., etc. etc. (never mind the 1930s), you have to wonder how much money is being extracted from the rest of the country to protect that city’s jobs.

    And those “foot soldiers” ‘suffering’ aren’t “innocent”- the NYC deal-makers were paid (very large) bonuses on closing the deal (rather than on the outcome). And no one’s clawing that back!

    In fact the Governors, and Senators of NY (Democrats all) seem to climbing over each other to support further bail outs. Of course the incumbent Republicans seem to be, if anything, worse: suggesting massive bail-outs of industry (where have all the free-marketers gone?)

  3. Shripriya says:

    Just to be clear – the “alley” reference is something from the technology world. Silicon Valley refers to the Bay Area and people refer to New York (in the tech world) as Silicon Alley.

    So the point is that it is not an “alley”, it is much more than that.

    @Kiran – thanks!

    @Krishna – banks happen to be headquartered here – that is not the fault of the city!

    I agree with you though that the bankers themselves are not innocent. In fact, far from it!! As an industry, it gets way more money than it should for the work that it does.

    Every Governor and Senator of a state where voters are in trouble of any kind will support the constituents. HOWEVER, the *only* one who can have an impact on it and make decisions is a federal body. A federal body that is backed by the Republican party in power – the people in that body were put there by Republicans over the past 8 years and they should be fully held accountable for this disaster. They are bailing out some and not others and putting the government into businesses it has no business being in (ah, yes, small government… anyone??) They are doing it because the Republicans don’t want to be held responsible for sleeping at the wheel for the past 8 years and letting the financial system as we know it collapse entirely. Vote them out – forever!

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