iPhone… still…

When the iPhone first came out, I desperately wanted one, but refused to switch my carrier to AT&T (which has incredibly bad service in Manhattan). Plus, I needed a phone I could unlock so I could use a local SIM while I traveled out of the country.

And by the time the first gen iPhone was unlocked, the 2nd gen one was looming large. So I waited.

Now the second gen iPhone, the 3G one is out. But… it is not yet unlocked. It will most certainly be jailbroken1, but unlocked 2? Not sure.

So I am spending some time this weekend following the incredible hackers from the iPhone Dev Team. Here’s hoping they can unlock the 3G baseband. Then I can *finally* have the phone without having to live with terrible service.

  1. Jailbreaking an iPhone is where you can run any application on it, not just Apple approved apps 

  2. Unlocking an iPhone makes it usable on any GSM carrier – T-Mobile in the US and any GSM carrier worldwide