2008 – emphasis 00

It’s been a very mellow start to 2008. And that’s pretty much how I’d like the rest of 2008 to be.

I’m refusing to do any lists including one on resolutions. As I look back on the list I made a year ago, what seemed reasonable and achievable back then didn’t quite pan out that way. Some things I hit, some things I missed by a mile. But… I’m not going to stress about it. 2008 is all about mellowness… just floating along. 00…

Or so I tell myself. Because, after all, the 2007 list seemed reasonable and achievable back then…

One thought on “2008 – emphasis 00”

  1. Ricky says:

    No resolution is my usual policy. However, you and other has inspired me to become a more active net citizen. So I’m breaking with my tradition and made a resolution to start and maintain a blog. Here is the link http://sumofmydecisions.blogspot.com/, please stop by when you’re have a sleepless night.

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