Coolest bookshelf…

BookshelfThis post made me look around and realize how much I adore our bookshelves…

Sometime in 2005, we ran out of bookshelf space. Done. All gone. But there was a small problem – we still had about 30 boxes of books in storage and we had to get them out.

The boxes showed up, we doubled up every shelf in the house – so there are two layers of books on every single shelf – and yes, you can’t see the second layer at all. Even after all that, we still had close to a thousand books and no clue where to put them.

Then we discovered these really cool stand alone bookshelves. In fact, when fully stocked, you can’t even see that it is a bookshelf. It looks like a stack of books rising from the floor. We first got a couple and then, over time, acquired a few more.

Life savers. Space savers. And elegant. These now dot the house. I can’t recommend them more highly. But as much as I love them, R is on a book diet and is also armed with an eBook reader in the hope that we don’t have to buy more of these!

13 thoughts on “Coolest bookshelf…”

  1. JSK says:

    Way cool, Shri! Where do you get ’em?

  2. JSK says:

    I found them, on the Design Within Reach Web site: matchpartialmax&N=0&Ntt=sapien

    I may try one out. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Tgfi says:

    Soon they will come to be known as the blogger’s bookcases, given how much they are popularized through blogs. 🙂

  4. Niranjana says:


    I spent way more time than I ought squinting at the picture trying to make out the titles. So far: Douglas Adams, The Crusades, Spies, Wisden and umm…Healthcare?

  5. Tgfi says:

    @ niranjana,
    hehe i was doing that too. i got Turkey (Travel?) in addition to yours.

    Shripriya, you need to post a better pic. this game is fun! 🙂

  6. Charlie says:

    And here I thought you guys had some kind of paranormal symmetrical bookstacking thing going a la Ghostbusters.

    “Dr Ray Stantz: Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: You’re right, no human being would stack books like this. “

  7. Niranjana says:


    I’d missed that one…guess your squint is keener than mine 🙂

  8. Prithvi says:

    I’ve seen this shelving at the Conran Shop and also DWR. I remember thinking that it would be interesting if they had some modularity in the spacing between the shelves. I also want to be able to swivel out a single book even if it might increase the footprint so that the functionality mimics a traditional bookshelf. I have always felt it was possible based on the Kuramata revolving cabinet design from the seventies. I’ve spent ages fantasising about bookshelves but then there are no space constraints in my daydreams 🙂

  9. Khushi says:

    Man! where did you find them? I’d love to have one for myself!

  10. Shripriya says:

    @ JSK – yep, they are at DWR. They are also at West Elm –

    @ Niranjana and TGFI – LOL!! Sorry, I had to dramatically shrink the file size to post it online and thus lost quality. I will keep the squinting game in mind for future posts!

    @ Charlie – 🙂

    @ Prithvi – you can swing out just one book. You just have to take it out and then put it back – it is quite easy since there are only 5-6 books on each “shelf”. The Kuramata design is hard for books since every single book comes in a different shape and size (while the revolving cabinet has exactly the same dimensions for every “shelf”). This design comes closest to solving the problem.

    @ Kushi – as JSK mentions above, you can buy them at either

    Design Within Reach:

    or at West Elm:

  11. Lakshmi says:

    It IS a cool book shelf. Just a trifle expensive (at least in INR) perhaps I will have our local carpenter make one in that design…

    Thanks for the tip.

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