Facebook doesn’t want my money or “No gift for you!”

Update: check the bottom of the post for an update. In a nutshell – glitch. They know about it and are working on it.


I am trying to buy a friend on Facebook a gift. It’s his birthday.

So, I click on his profile and say “Send <name> a Gift”. I get to a screen which requires me to verify my password. Okay.

Password Required

However, when I type in password, here’s what I get. Where, precisely, am I supposed to enter my email?


And yes, I did try to enter my email in the password box. But of course that didnt’ work…

Facebook – what’s up? Don’t want my dollar? I’ve read conflicting numbers that their gift revenue is anywhere between $2 and $20 million per year. I wonder how long this login issue has been going on…

Update: Nov 15th, 3PM – After IMing with Eileen (who works at Facebook), I tried a few things to get it to work. Finally figured it out – when you sign in to Facebook, if you check the “Keep me signed in” box, gifts don’t work. If you leave that box unchecked it works. Apparently they are working on it.