iPhone unlocked – for free!

So far, the only option was to pay to unlock your phone. Now, the open source team has done it! The iPhone can be unlocked for free without paying anyone, without sending it anywhere… This version is still for the tech-savvy. A GUI version will be coming out shortly.


And yes, I know this blog has become just about this one topic. That shall soon be fixed. When, exactly? Soon!

While you hold your breath, read more here and here.

4 thoughts on “iPhone unlocked – for free!”

  1. megha says:

    I cannot believe that I’ve actually not caved in to temptation and bought the iPhone. And this post isn’t helping.

  2. Shripriya says:

    Megha – don’t do it. The latest software update, the now-infamous 1.1.1 update kills all innovation on the iPhone. The Treo (Palm) was a wonderful phone because you could get so many external apps for it. Now, it was huge and ugly, but I used it for two years because you could make it powerful for your needs.

    Until Apple allows me to own my phone and put whatever I want on it, I won’t buy the iPhone. It’s like buying a Mac and telling me that the only software I can run on it has to be produced by Apple! Insanity!!

  3. Rambodoc says:

    When will they open source the iPhone itself?That would be the day I could get one, it seems. For those of you who are seriously rich, like the stockbrokers of the drivers of the relatives of the Ambanis, I recommend that one buy the damn thing, if it is one thing in one’s sorry life one does. (Now, I am posting this sodden comment one time only.)
    Once Apple brings on an update, sell off the iPhone to your sabzi-wallah, and buy a new one.

  4. thanks,and how can i use it?

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