Double Standards?

Nutjobs of the world, unite! Wait, they already have… unfortunately! It is the turn of our Muslim brethren to step up to plate with the attack on Taslima Nasreen.

Unfortunately, media double standards have also leapt to the fore. And societies… Why aren’t artists and writers and creators of all kinds protesting what happened to Taslima Nasreen? Why aren’t they on the streets in protest? Why is everyone so much quieter now versus when what happened in Baroda?

Why is that? Because she’s not technically Indian? B.S. The Indian government won’t even give her permanent residency when she’s running from a fatwa (shame!)

Because she’s Muslim and her attackers are Muslim? Hmm – minority groups don’t get profiled in the press for their bad behavior any more? If that’s what secularism is about, what a load of bunk!

This is a just as much a violation on the freedom to create as the situation in Baroda. Let’s treat it with the same disdain and disgust, please.

Barkha Dutt has a great piece on this. Thanks to Sepia Mutiny for the tip.

Updated on August 14th

More reactions from Abi, who disagrees and makes some valid points that people have indeed protested this incident. I do agree with Abi that the timing is a bit ridiculous from Barkha Dutt (demanding a reaction within a day). Maybe it takes time to build… maybe people are jaded and tired of protesting all the nutjobs that are floating around… We’ll have to see how things unfold.

MumbaiGirl has more links to bloggers talking about the issue

4 thoughts on “Double Standards?”

  1. upnishad says:

    Thats more like it. Go girl, you are doing great !

  2. Arundhati Troy of Helen says:

    Barkha Dutt, our high priestess of idiot-box liberalism, jumped into the fray with her condemnations a tad bit sooner because her butt is on fire. She had to give a little sermon to the “bad” liberals to prove herself the “good” liberal. Like many of her ilk she has painted herself into a corner with her gratuitous abuse of the Hindu Right, exploiting to the hilt every little “Hindu-Muslim” issue that can be used to abuse them. MF Husain issue? Well, before you bat an eye lid our diva of talk-show secularism gathers a crowd in NDTV studio and goes hammer and tongs at her object of hate, the RSS etc. Baroda issue? She does an encore with aplomb, right hand tied behind her back, that kind of expert at this condemnation game. Shiv Sena attacks shops selling Valentine’s Day cards? Dutt is all outrage, and puts on a mighty fine show expressing it, studio audiences in tow, the all-leftwing panel she assembled in full, ecstastic agreement.

    The strategy of using faux outrage to target political enemies has its limits, such as the embarrassment caused by Taslima Nasrin episode. Discerning viewers know — and Barkha Dutt knows that they know — to which political camp she belongs, and for whose benefit she is pulling those stunts.

    She can brazen it out or pull one more stunt to save face. She opted for the latter. Note that she doesn’t harp much on the fact that the government of West Bengal banned a book of Nasrin’s for the same reason that fundamentalists railed against her, ie, “insulting Islam”, and that this government is run by CPIM, and that Brinda Karat is a leading light of CPIM, and that Karat is related by marriage to Prannoy Roy, head honcho of NDTV, and that by virtue of that association Karat and her party always get good, adulatory coverage on NDTV. Given the customary references to “Narendra Modi’s” Gujarat even when the issue is one concerning Islamist radicals, why did she forget to mention Buddhdeb Bhattacharya’s culpability in banning Dwikhandito? Given the attack on Nasrin was perpetrated by an ally of the Congress, why did she forget to demand accountability from Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh?

    Instead she played good liberal vs bad liberal. You guys are impressed. Who knows. If you keep working on this condemnation thingy, you might get invited to the “We the Dumbass People” show.

  3. megha says:

    Whats even more deplorable is the fact that a case was booked on HER under IPC section 153, for disturbing ‘communal harmony’. Words fail me.

  4. Jason says:

    To me the sad part is that Taslima’s writing is so terrible. She doesn’t deserve to be assaulted (except by the critics). But the less media coverage she gets the better.

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