Double Standards?

Nutjobs of the world, unite! Wait, they already have… unfortunately! It is the turn of our Muslim brethren to step up to plate with the attack on Taslima Nasreen.

Unfortunately, media double standards have also leapt to the fore. And societies… Why aren’t artists and writers and creators of all kinds protesting what happened to Taslima Nasreen? Why aren’t they on the streets in protest? Why is everyone so much quieter now versus when what happened in Baroda?

Why is that? Because she’s not technically Indian? B.S. The Indian government won’t even give her permanent residency when she’s running from a fatwa (shame!)

Because she’s Muslim and her attackers are Muslim? Hmm – minority groups don’t get profiled in the press for their bad behavior any more? If that’s what secularism is about, what a load of bunk!

This is a just as much a violation on the freedom to create as the situation in Baroda. Let’s treat it with the same disdain and disgust, please.

Barkha Dutt has a great piece on this. Thanks to Sepia Mutiny for the tip.

Updated on August 14th

More reactions from Abi, who disagrees and makes some valid points that people have indeed protested this incident. I do agree with Abi that the timing is a bit ridiculous from Barkha Dutt (demanding a reaction within a day). Maybe it takes time to build… maybe people are jaded and tired of protesting all the nutjobs that are floating around… We’ll have to see how things unfold.

MumbaiGirl has more links to bloggers talking about the issue