iPhone – not quite yet

Even though I was very excited about the iPhone when it came out, I always believed the business decisions around the phone were plain silly. The decision to lock to AT&T is stupid.

And only because of that, I won’t be getting an iPhone quite yet –

  • T-Mobile has better coverage in NYC
  • T-Mobile’s plans are significantly cheaper
  • I don’t need visual voicemail (the only feature that requires carrier integration)
  • I travel interationally and refuse to be trapped by a plan that will charge me $5/minute from India when I can just as easily pop in a local SIM card
  • Ensuring that even the iPod won’t work without an AT&T SIM is beyond the pale

Finally, here’s a question – what if I get the iPhone with the egregious contract from AT&T. I wait two years. The contract ends. Would I THEN be able to put any SIM I want into the phone?? If the answer is no, that is a first for any carrier, any phone. And would only exacerbate an already stupid decision by Apple.

I wonder how they will do this internationally. If you buy the phone in India it will only work with the Indian carrier? Huh – talk about moving backwards on international travel and international convenience…