Third anniversary of blogging

On May 10th, 2004, I started blogging.

I had been in New York for about six months (albeit with a horrendous travel schedule to California) and I quite disliked being in Manhattan. After the wonderfully warm weather and incredible open skies of the Bay Area, I found Manhattan claustrophobic, dirty and over-crowded. And, to be fair, I was never here long enough to establish any kind of routine to help me feel settled.

I thought a lot about my own attitude and decided to try to focus on the positives. So, I committed to blogging about the best of the city each week. Three years ago today, “My Space In A Place” with the tagline “They say loving a place is all about attitude. Let’s see, shall we?” was born.

I didn’t focus too much on the title (obviously!) or the aesthetics or the logistics (no Feedburner, no Technorati) of the blog – I had a very clear purpose – to start sampling the variety that the city offers and to document it online to make myself see the pluses of the city.

My first post included the following:

On that topic, I realized I need to give big, bad, Manhattan a chance — yes, the winter sucked, but we are past that and I hope a glorious summer will let me explore more and enjoy this city. I’ve heard that it takes about a year to fall in love with Manhattan. Which means that I have till October or to be fair, till May of 2005 (arriving in winter can’t count, can it??!!!).

So, a post a week till October and we’ll re-evaluate, shall we? 🙂

The blog lived on Blogger and I did not list it publicly. I shared the URL1 with family and a close friend who was also adjusting to Manhattan.

With each post I wrote, I started to fall in love with Manhattan – opera, ballet – no, not just ballet, but Swan Lake with Nina Ananiashvili!!, Carnatic music, concerts in Central Park… It was a fabulous summer. Soon, I was missing NYC when I was in California on business. My experiment was working!!

I hit my goal of starting to love NYC by October of 2004. And I was having so much fun with my blog and I kept it up. Finally, in late 2006, after I had quit my commute to California and taken a little breather, I felt ready to blog publicly. That’s when this blog and my Tatvam blog appeared2.

I’ve loved my three years of blogging – I’ve fallen in love with my city, made wonderful new friends and had great conversations!

To my incredible readers, thanks for making this little blog, which started out with only imaginary readers, so much fun! 🙂

  1. Since that blog had so much personal information, it is now only open to invited users. 

  2. A couple of times I’ve wondered whether I should have blogged publicly earlier. The answer is no – my earlier blog was a personal journey and one I was not ready to share with the whole world. 

9 thoughts on “Third anniversary of blogging”

  1. Anand says:

    Congratulations !!!! on completing 3 years of blogging

    New York City, such a lovely place such a lovely place 🙂

  2. Abi says:

    Congratulations on this Blogiversary!

    In these internet times, the origins of your blog seem to go back to pre-historic days … 😉

  3. confused says:


    Now at least you can’t claim that the readers are only imaginary!

  4. indira says:

    congrats! I tried to do the same thing to see if i’d love chennai after living in bangalore and the bay area, but the blog is yet to come through for me. maybe it takes longer to fall in love with chennai? 🙂

  5. Three solid years of blogging should be considered as an achievement! Do you intend to reach a decade or perhaps get for yourself a record on golden anniversary on blogging?

    Based on your blog posts, you’re fond of places. Although I haven’t seen all of your blogs I presume that they’re all about places. Just a simple suggestion, please add more photos in your blog next time.

  6. Shripriya says:

    @ Anand – thank you! And yes, it is a lovely place!

    @ Abi – Yes, it does feel like a long time. Fortunately, in the early days, I used to post just once a week, so it was much more manageable with an insane job.

    @ Confused – thanks 🙂 And don’t worry – I never thought you were imaginary!

    @ Indira – ah, you see, the blog is but one component of the strategy. The key is your own attitude. The blog can help reinforce the positives, if you are open to them. And it is entirely possible that Chennai could take longer!

    @ oil portraits of NY – I have no clue how long I’ll continue blogging. I take it a day at a time. When I stop enjoying it, I will stop blogging. Not all my posts are about places, although a few are. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to add more pictures going forward.

  7. Thats wonderful!! Congratulations!

  8. Yuva says:

    keep going…. onwards & upwards..

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