Veggie delite

Since I moved to New York, I’ve been to a handful of Caribbean islands. Each one is unique in terms of culture, mix of population, types of restaurants, cost of living etc. But the one thing that has been universally true is that it is hard to visit as a vegetarian – at most a restaurant would have one veggie dish and at some restaurants, the best they could do was offer me salad (sometimes by “taking out” the seafood!)

Antigua though, is completely different. It is a haven for vegetarians. Both restaurants at the hotel have a plethora of options. Even the room service menu is packed with veggie appetizers and entrées . But the best part is that, much to my surprise, the veggie-friendly-menus are not restricted to the hotel. It is true pretty much everywhere. So, I’ve been eating well (perhaps too well!).

St. John’s is the downtown in Antigua and it is adorable. In a picturesque little square that is hidden behind some storefronts, I even found Mama Lolly’s Vegetarian Cafe! What a great island – it is rapidly climbing the ranks to the top spot on my list.

Mama Lolly