Veggie delite

Since I moved to New York, I’ve been to a handful of Caribbean islands. Each one is unique in terms of culture, mix of population, types of restaurants, cost of living etc. But the one thing that has been universally true is that it is hard to visit as a vegetarian – at most a restaurant would have one veggie dish and at some restaurants, the best they could do was offer me salad (sometimes by “taking out” the seafood!)

Antigua though, is completely different. It is a haven for vegetarians. Both restaurants at the hotel have a plethora of options. Even the room service menu is packed with veggie appetizers and entrées . But the best part is that, much to my surprise, the veggie-friendly-menus are not restricted to the hotel. It is true pretty much everywhere. So, I’ve been eating well (perhaps too well!).

St. John’s is the downtown in Antigua and it is adorable. In a picturesque little square that is hidden behind some storefronts, I even found Mama Lolly’s Vegetarian Cafe! What a great island – it is rapidly climbing the ranks to the top spot on my list.

Mama Lolly

5 thoughts on “Veggie delite”

  1. rathi says:

    I think just for the food, Antigua is worth travelling to. Thanks for tip. Us vegetarians are badly in need of decent places to visit!!!

  2. Niranjana says:

    The sunshine and the colors in that photograph are just lovely…

    Btw, there’s a website called The Happy Cow ( that lists veggie restaurants all over the world–you can search by location. There are several recommendations for the Caribbean–so you can make a new to-do list now 🙂

  3. ./w says:

    Incidentally, there is an article on SlashDot today about Antigua suing the US government over Online Gambling issues.

    I like this place.


  4. Lotus says:

    Ooooh, I envy you! Antigua sounds great, wish I could travel to the Caribbean, but unfortunately, all our holidays are spent travelling home to India. I want to remedy that soon with a trip to Cuba….fingers crossed we can go!

  5. Shripriya says:

    @ Rathi – you would love it here. Anjali would have had a great time 😉

    @ Niranjana – great tip. Thanks for that. I looked it up – what a great resourced!

    @ ./w – interesting. I think they are right in taking on the US. If someone runs a site from Antigua and US customers happen to access it, why should that person be prosecuted for violating US law? Not based in the US, not the US jurisdiction. Sure the internet makes this hard, but the US needs to figure out how to solve the problem – they can’t extend their laws globally. I don’t know if they can win, but yay,Antigua and Barbuda!!

    @ Lotus – Cuba is supposed to be fantastic. I had a friend who went last year and had a great time. I’m sure you will have a blast!

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