India out of the World Cup

India is out of the world cup. They have only themselves to blame. They batted like they didn’t care, on a wicket where batting was not hard. And yes, I publish this before the game is officially over, but that’s a risk I am so willing to take!

Dhoni and Sachin are peas in a pod – can succeed only when there is no reason and always fail when they need to succeed. Bad run-outs. Agarkar playing so carelessly after his captain goes up to him and tells him to play properly. Ah… the whole team has failed pathetically. They lack the will to win. Crumble at the sign of any fight from the opposition.

The bowling… well, 27 extras. Wow. Letting them get to 254 was a mistake, but the batting made made even 150 look like a tough target.

Here’s the positive – I won’t be wasting any more time on watching. Yay! Hours and hours of free time are opening up like a vista in front of me. It’s been fun folks (well not really fun either), but it is all over.

I will say this. This team has played well in the past. When they are on fire, there is no team as fun. I’ve grown up watching some of these guys. So, for those memories, thank you. But this chapter is closed.

Good night and good luck!

5 thoughts on “India out of the World Cup”

  1. libertarian says:

    Z security for Chappell till he quits and reaches Australia please.

    I’m sure the bookies are not going to be happy about this …

  2. Abhinav says:

    Where are our cricketers earning all their crores from? Not from their salaries, but from the revenue they make out of the commercials. When we stop buying the products they endorse, seeing which when the companies stop hiring them for their ads, and ultimately when this money stops flowing into their pockets, our cricket team might wake up and start performing!


  3. parvez says:

    Being an Indian cricked fan, I myself was heavily dissappoined but.. it was high time for a reality check. The team that ranked no. 6 in the ICC rankings out of 8 test playing nations got knocked off the world cup.

  4. Shripriya says:

    @ Libertarian – so true. Poor guys. Who wants a job where people want to kill you if you under perform?? Can you imagine such a situation in the corporate world?? – CEO, you have not met your targets: A shareholder wants to *kill* you?!!! Jeez.

    @ Abhinav – Well, I think the contracts will dry up on their own. Who wants to have a guy who could not even get to Phase 2 of the WC promote the product?

    @ Parvez – Yep, very true. They are #6 and the lower rung teams could always go out…

    I loved Prem Panicker’s final paragraph in his Rediff article — “As Boris Becker once famously said, no one died. A team – our team – lost, because it did not deserve to win. Now to settle down, and watch some good cricket, beginning with a crackerjack game between Australia and South Africa tomorrow.”

  5. I’m with you on the one-less-thing-to-waste-time-on part.

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