My name is…

Vidur Kapur took to comedy after an undergraduate degree at the London School of Economics and a PhD from the pinnacle of Economics, the University of Chicago. And thank god he did. The world needs a comic of his caliber more than it needs another economist – he is fabulously hilarious!

**Warning** The following clip has adult content. Please only view this if you are an adult. ***End Warning***

Ok, with that warning out of the way, forget the first 25 seconds, but the rest is ROFLMAO material.

Maybe I find it funny because I’ve had my name mangled so many times, albeit mostly well-meaningly. I wonder what would happen if the next time I answered with – “Look, my name is Shripriya. It is a classical, ancient, Indian name…” Even if I never use his line, the thought of doing so will certainly cross my mind!

I discovered Vidur here