Enterprising postman

uspsI was out and about one day when I got a call on my cell phone. Unrecognized number, but I pick up. “Hello? Ms. Mahesh? This is Wilson… your mailman…”

Apparently my passport had arrived in the mail, but he couldn’t leave it for me (I have to sign for it), and he was wondering if I needed it urgently. Yes, I did, so I headed home and took it from him.

That’s what I call great customer service. I have no idea how he got my cell phone, but he’s used it ever since, any time there is anything important. He’ll call me and say that there’s a large package – should he put it in the elevator instead of leaving it under the mailboxes?

Wilson is now in my phone’s address book. With such enterprising mailmen, the USPS is in safe hands!

4 thoughts on “Enterprising postman”

  1. August says:

    We could use a Wilson at my USPS office.

  2. India post has a service in certain areas where the mailman carries a mobile phone and people can use it to make a call.

  3. Shripriya says:

    @ Augie – maybe we can send Wilson over to do some training!

    @ SloganMurugan – That seems like a really cool service. Especially in the villages – what a great idea! Thanks for letting me know.

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