This week on Tatvam

I’ve been neglecting my Tatvam blog for a little bit. But I’m back to posting there.

Here’s what’s on Tatvam:

The last post is about how the clarification of Fair Use is helping documentary filmmakers. I am very interested in how culture evolves, how technology and art are inspired, and how prevailing laws enable or choke that innovation. I read Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture when it came out and was fascinated with the history of innovation and his hypotheses on where we were headed.

Am also a huge proponent of freeing up usage laws so people can invent, innovate and change how we see things. Both my blogs use a Creative Commons license (heh – amazing that I would need that with just imaginary readers and all…). With Share Alike, you can allow people to morph your work, if they allow others the same rights to their work — that is a virtuous cycle. But even with Share Alike, you can also preserve your rights through Required Attribution and Non-Commercial use, if you so desire (and I so desire, so this license gives you all three of those elements).