I was talking to a film-buddy last night. He was commiserating with me on a tough day I had professionally. The conversation meandered. He talked about friends and being there for each other.

Then he talked about his second year at film school. As a gay man, he got tested for HIV and found out that he was positive. He had a very good friend female friend and she was the only one he could talk to. His dad had just been laid off and he didn’t want to tell his parents yet and add pressure to them. He fell very ill. His friend sent him an email stating that she couldn’t handle it; that she could be his “fun” friend when times are good and could hang out with him and go to dinner with him, but couldn’t handle this.

He’s a great, positive person, and a wonderful friend. And I appreciate his being there for me.

Conversations like these put life in perspective.

3 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. I hate it when things put my life in perspective – it’s so much easier to feel sorry for oneself!!

    Seriously though, not to be overly cynical, but most people are parasites. It works, because by and large we all find ways to engage in (beneficial) symbiotic relationships. True friendship (which is not to be equated with unconditional or blind support, in my book) isn’t that trivial to come by – cherish it if you find it, I say.

  2. Shripriya says:

    @ Fourth Ump – Yes, pity parties are easy to organize. And yes, unconditional blind support is easier than real friendship.

  3. Raj says:

    According to the science of lexigrams ‘life’ has, within it, ‘file’.

    A file has many papers… each a part, describing an incident- just as in life.

    Perspectives in life, would be analogous to those in papers in a file…?

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