Phone innovation

When I had a Blackberry through work, it synced seamlessly over an Exchange Server and so Contacts and Calendar were always in sync. Today, my cell phone syncs with my computer, but either bluetooth or connected, so I must be proactive about it.

What doesn’t sync is my home phone. We have one phone number that we moved to Vonage about three years ago (we were early adopters and paid the price with sometimes crappy connections). We have two hand sets – a base station and a little stand alone one. Neither syncs with my computer.

So, anytime I use the home phone, I need to look up a number on my computer. I’ve saved the most frequently called numbers, but it required manual entry. Not that this is a huge deal, but why don’t home phones sync? Because you are at home and it is easy to look up a number? But a lot of people just use their cell phones because everything is in there…

Is the technology so different that they can’t sync? What if the phone was merely a dumb client that accessed an online address db such as Plaxo? And for extra, bonus points, what would be *really* cool if when you picked up the phone, you entered a quick two digit ID that told the phone which user it was and then you could access your own address book and another user could access his/her own address book.

I know some of the Skype phones that you plug into your computer do this, but what if your phone plugs into the internet anyway (like Vonage)…

Does anyone know of such a device?