MD and Lynn

Two very dear, wonderful former colleagues recently started blogging.

Michael is one the smartest folks around. And he’s funny and eclectic and I love to hear his thoughts. Now I can. This post on the big consumer tech trends he foresees is a must read. It is a touch weighted towards ecommerce, but that’s the world we know! But it’s not just tech – there tons of thoughts on reality TV, the state of the world and of course, the bizarre.

Michael had a great trip blog when he went off to Italy in 2005 and he’s imported those posts, but he’s basically been blogging under the radar for a few months. I don’t know whether to be mad that he didn’t tell me or just be thankful he’s started blogging… Okay, I’ll opt for the latter! 🙂

Lynn, besides also being one of the smartest folks around, is definitely the most driven person on the planet. After years of consuming Cheetos and Coke and working twenty hours a day, she’s decided to run a triathlon! Her training update posts are the most hilarious things you’ll ever read. Here’s a sample:

Kevin and I have an exercise bike in our house, so 2 to 3 times a week I try to do what is called spinning for an hour. It is where the resistance is fairly light, but you try and keep the RPM�s in the high 90�s and low 100�s. Well I have my first funny story. The first time I did this I of course wanted to excel. So I�m peddling extremely hard getting my entire body into the exercise. When I got done, both my left foot and back were hurting. Well it turned out that my back was bleeding from what would amount to a �rug burn�. I had been moving my back so vigorously back and forth across the back of the bike that I scrapped off the skin. Then on my foot, I hadn�t worn socks or shoes and the black plastic strap, dug into my skin and split the top of my foot. Since then I wear shoes and socks J


Welcome Lynn and MD – life is more fun with both of you blogging!