Backup your blogs!!!

I had the fright of my life earlier this evening. I was migrating the Tatvam blog to a new host. That went smoothly. But then, all of a sudden, this blog was gone! All the posts were Tatvam posts. Huh? What? What’s going on? Where’s Almost As Good As Chocolate??

I panic. Check if there are any backups. Backups? Yes, those things you should do for your data. Data on your computer, data on your blog. Did I ever backed up this blog? NO!!!

All my posts, all my comments, everything – GONE! More panic. Any options? Not really. Sadness.

Then my techie-blog-guru friend, who I called frantically, had a brilliant idea. Call up the host. What? The host – Bluehost. Called up Bluehost. Let’s see… Let’s see… They have a backup from last night. Restore? Heck, yeah!

The entire thing is back. Amazing. Bluehost is amazing. Kudos and thank you!

And I? I’ve learned my lesson. A little bit of stress, a little panic, a big lesson. Don’t wait to learn this lesson yourself. Please benefit from my experience.

And to my techie-blog-guru friend – a huge thank you!!!