Backup your blogs!!!

I had the fright of my life earlier this evening. I was migrating the Tatvam blog to a new host. That went smoothly. But then, all of a sudden, this blog was gone! All the posts were Tatvam posts. Huh? What? What’s going on? Where’s Almost As Good As Chocolate??

I panic. Check if there are any backups. Backups? Yes, those things you should do for your data. Data on your computer, data on your blog. Did I ever backed up this blog? NO!!!

All my posts, all my comments, everything – GONE! More panic. Any options? Not really. Sadness.

Then my techie-blog-guru friend, who I called frantically, had a brilliant idea. Call up the host. What? The host – Bluehost. Called up Bluehost. Let’s see… Let’s see… They have a backup from last night. Restore? Heck, yeah!

The entire thing is back. Amazing. Bluehost is amazing. Kudos and thank you!

And I? I’ve learned my lesson. A little bit of stress, a little panic, a big lesson. Don’t wait to learn this lesson yourself. Please benefit from my experience.

And to my techie-blog-guru friend – a huge thank you!!!

6 thoughts on “Backup your blogs!!!”

  1. FIRST, Thank GOD your blog is back. I was here last night, searching for my tag 😉 and it was driving me insane. No chocolate, no nothing. All bright colours and broken urls. What a relief!
    And yeah, I back up my blog now. 😉

  2. Shripriya says:

    Yeah, it was odd… it reverted to the K2 basic theme with the garish Star Wars header and Tatvam content, but misaligned. Weird!

    Glad it is back. Sense of comfort, knowing it is there 🙂

    And glad you backed up!

  3. samira says:

    i am on blogger. do you know how i can backup my blog?

  4. hi samira,
    don’t know how you can blog up the entire back, but what you can do is set it up so that blogger emails you each post as soon as it is published. that way u have a record of all posts in an email (Can make separate a/c just for that). in case shit happens, you lose comments attached to each post (altho those can be in your email too) but atleast you have copies of all your posts.

  5. Shripriya says:

    It is less important if you are on Blogger versus a self-hosted blog. The reason is that you can mess up a self-hosted one in numerous ways.

    TGFI is right, but there is also a complicated way to backup your blogger blog – I got this link from the Blogger help center:

  6. samira says:

    thanks guys. that was great. better do it now.

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