Mandatory resolution list

Feeling compelled to post this. Maybe if I make it public, I will try to stick to these things.

1. Health – eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise more regularly, fix the niggles in my knee and shoulder (yes, I know, a lot)

2. Maintain regular hours. I’ve never done this in my life — I stay up late, work insane hours and generally throw off my clock. Need to fix that.

3. Write every day. Structuring my day will provide me more time to do this.

4. Watch four movies a week.

5. Spend less time online  Рwithout the pressure of work and meetings, it is easy to spend too much time online.

6. Spend more time in India.

I think that’s it. I want to keep it to an attainable list and while this may be short, it seems pretty daunting to me. Let’s see how far I can get.

Happy new year my imaginary readers. Here’s to a fabulous 2007!