Ah, California!

It’s been busy. Crazily so. Was working to a deadline where I pulled an all-nighter (I think the last time I did that was in undergrad). Then I headed out west and I feel I am on the verge of falling sick again. I wonder how I can be so busy when I am technically unemployed at the moment.

But, the best part is that I am back in California for a few days. It has been wonderful, seeing friends and catching up.

California will always have the most special place in my heart. The first few years of my life in the US were spent in Boston and they were the roughest years of my life. Then I moved to California. New city, new job, new life. I loved San Francisco — I overcame my fears of driving on the insane inclines, learned to sail, made wonderful friends. I loved my job in product management/marketing. As I moved from the city to the peninsula, the better weather and the most spectacular views on 280 made me love the Bay Area even more.

It will always feel like home in some ways. This was where I was happy in the US for the first time. This was where I found myself.