Breast pump evolution — is this the new frontier?

I went shopping yesterday with a pregnant friend to help her figure out all the things she needed to get. Now, you’ve all heard of breast pumps, but we were blown away by this contraption.

breast pump

It raised some critical questions in our minds, including but not limited to –

  • How often does one read and pump at the same time? How often does one read, talk on the phone *and* pump at the same time?
  • Is it truly more efficient to pump both breasts at the same time? Isn’t the motor capacity fixed, which means pumping both breasts together takes longer (or the same as each breast sequentially)?
  • Can they truly hang off there defying gravity like that?

If there’s anyone out there who’s used this device, we need to hear from you so that my friend can figure out if this should be on the “must have” list!