Welcome A and L!

Very close friends of mine just welcomed their twin babies into the world a few hours ago. A and L 🙂 Welcome!

A and L are testaments to lots of love, determination and the marvels of medical technology. They were first conceived as a longing in their parents’ minds and hearts. But there was a small technical problem. Both their parents were men.

So, what to do? Well, they found an egg donor. After searching and reading and figuring out what was important to them, that was accomplished. Next, they fertilized the eggs with both fathers’ sperm. Check. Then they needed a carrier, someone who would be a surrogate to the babies. That took a while. But they found a wonderful person. Insert said embryos into said carrier. Wait and wait and wait.

Finally, lift-off or rather, safe landings. A and L — welcome to our world. Your fathers have been waiting for you!