Two cool apps

This site enables you to create Pollockesque art by moving your mouse around. Click the mouse to change colors. Very relaxing and much less messy than trying it on canvas. I wished that it would let you stop painting and save your masterpiece! I’d definitely put it up here!

Charlie linked to a new site, finetune, that compiles a playlist of any chosen artist and streams the music. It also recommends similar music. My music discovery has gone down significantly since I stopped commuting to work (my only radio time). So, this will help fix that.

Update : Apparently I am horribly behind in my knowledge of music apps. Charlie pointed me to Pandora. Better than finetune. UI is better, and most importantly it allows you to tell it what you like. Hello Music 2.0, I have emerged from under the rock.

3 thoughts on “Two cool apps”

  1. Krishna says:

    For the pollockesque art- Capture your screen (use the Prntscrn key) paste into GIMPshop (or Photoshop if you like to waste cash 🙂 ). Trim the border and viola! your “masterpiece”

  2. mykel says:

    Just a note on the pandora vs. finetune thing here… full disclosure I’m the product lead for finetune. Pandora uses a “musical attribute” system to build you a playlist of songs that share attributes, they call them genes. This is cool and they do a good job of it… but for my tastes I find it produces playlists that … um sound alike. uses collaborative filtering… in other words as you listen to stuff they keep track of all the artists. Then they match your listening to that of their other users and fill in the gaps. This is an interesting approach because you can get playlists that have vastly different sounding artists in them but that statistically appeal to the same audiences.

    We’re a bit of a hybrid… we do a lot of data mining of user playlists, we also have categorized artists by ear (but certainly not to the degree that pandora does)… our data is not perfect yet but it gets better every hour of every day as people listen and make playlists.

    I’m much more inclined to check out a band that I keep seeing/hearing on my friends playlists then something I hear unprompted because it has an upbeat tempo and deep male vocals.

    Ultimately I think a better measure of how much you like something is how often do you listen to it… not whether or not you give it a thumbs up or down. There are plenty of things I think I like but skip over almost every time they pop up in a playlist.

    Hope you come back and give us a shot.

  3. Shripriya says:

    Mykel — thanks for your post. I will certainly continue to give finetune a try over the next few days. Interesting to hear how you guys do the matching.

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