Of Cool Grandmas

You can either dive headfirst into the technology revolution or make excuses as to why you can’t. The person who amazes me the most in this regard is my Grandmother.

She is one cool lady. There’s been a history of coolness – from a gold medal in Sanskrit in college to driving herself (and her kids) around in Bangkok, to speaking Thai and French in addition to English, Tamil and Kannada, she’s always exhibited a passion for life that’s contagious.

Not that my Grandfather is not cool in his own right – both my grandparents are iPod converts, pulling out the little device when they feel like listening to their favorite ragams. I have a “technology is compressing our world” moment every time I see my Grandfather, sitting in his veshti, white iPod earplugs sprouting from his ears, lost in his music.

But my Grandmother takes the cake. On my last trip home, I was sitting near my Grandmom, talking on the phone with a friend. The conversation was about Wikis. I was telling my friend how they work and I said “Of course the most famous and comprehensive wiki is…” “And my Grandmother piped in with “Wikipedia”! She then proceeded to explain how it worked. So cool.

I recounted the conversation to Om and he blogged about it. The post subsequently got a couple of trackbacks too.

Not just cool, but famous in the blogosphere!