Seven months old

A & L are now seven months old. Here’s the happy family – how adorable!

A&L seven months

  • indira

    wow – thats a great story! congrats to them! it gives so much hope for those people trying to and wanting to have a baby.

  • libertarian

    It’s one of the best pleasures having to pry open the folds on the arms and legs just to keep them clean 🙂 … they grow up _way_ too quick.

  • Those babies are just too cute!

  • Shripriya

    @ Indira – yeah, great story.

    @ Libertarian – 😀 Then I hope you are working less and spending more time with them while they still need you!

    @30in2005 – Yes, they are super-adorable. And even cuter and cuddlier in person. Reminds me that I need to make another trip to hang out with them.

  • They’re lovely-do congratulate their parents on my behalf!

  • Shripriya

    @ MumbaiGirl – they read this blog, so you have congratulated them already 🙂

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