RIAA messing up again

The RIAA could kill music. Left to themselves, they will kill music. All their purported efforts to protect music and artists is a load of junk.

The latest effort is the per-stream fee being imposed on webcasters. This will bascially kill off most, if not all music streaming on the internet.

Yup, RIAA – that should really drive up sales – not!

An excellent overivew and review of economics and potential impact can be found here.

UPDATE: It is RIAA boycott month. Show your support – buy no music from any RIAA affiliated label. Gizmodo’s leading the way. I’m signed up – no new music in March.

  • erika

    Yes, this is simply idiotic.

  • Shripriya

    Yes, completely. One can only hope that the MPAA learns from this. But I don’t expect that they will.

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