State capitals at three?

First post from Madras. So, it is apt that this video of a little pre-schooler who is quizzed by his dad, in Tamil, on the state capitals. The funniest part is when the dad mistakenly asks him for the capital of Alabama for the second time and kid says “I’ve already said that one!”

  • libertarian

    The kid’s a cutie. Is this the making on another internet phenom?

  • That kid is soooo cute!!! 🙂 And a genius!

  • Pretty cute. But too much for a three year old though.

  • Shripriya

    –Nithya, I did some follow up on YouTube on this kid before I posted. The parents post a lot of videos and state capitals is just scratching the surface. He reads quite fluently as well, which is also amazing.

    Apparently he is just super-eager to learn and the parents are indulging him (versus forcing him). So, more power to them. Let’s hope his thirst for learning continues as he grows up.

    You can see the rest of them here –